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Musical plays for schools

The shows are written for large casts and each one gives opportunities for a wide variety of artistic talent.

At a cost of 120 including 5 for postage, packing and insurance, each musical contains a professional CD with backing and vocals tracks, DVD, full play script (printed copy plus Mircosoft word files that can be edited to suit school needs), technical notes and musical score.

Unlike many other musicals you also receive a site licence, allowing the school to copy the lyrics and musical score, perform the play at school and make DVD's and CD's to sell to parents and friends of the school at no extra cost.



Key2Music was set up by Ian Rizzotto and Keith Farr, two experienced primary school teachers who have developed an expertise for writing musical plays for primary school children.


The plays have been written especially to enhance the KS2 curriculum in the school and allow children of all abilities to become fully involved. All the plays give the opportunity for small groups to rehearse at the same time, so that much of the rehearsal can be done during curriculum time, rather than after school hours.


Each play covers an area of the National Curriculum and allows for integration of many different curriculum areas.


The singable songs come with a professional backing CD. You are also provided with the full script in Mircosoft Word so that you can more easily adapt the play to the needs of your school. An amateur DVD of the show is also supplied which will give tips and ideas

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