Primary Colours

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This lively musical show tells the story of how the three primary colours must be collected from different parts of the universe to stop the Sun from burning itself out. However, when the three colours are collected on Earth they don't get on and must be taught a lesson.

The plot demonstrates how different cultures may have their own ways but how we must all get on together and help one another if we are all to survive. Although "God" sits in court as the judge, the audience are left to be the jury and decide the fate of the planet.

This very original idea for a musical play can be easily integrated into the classroom, with curriculum aspects including art and science.

The musical was written by Keith Farr and Alan Blount and lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

Cost:- 120 including 5 for postage, packing and insurance.

Hear a section of the song "Primary Colours"

Hear a section of "Red Devils"

Hear a section of "Feelin' Just a Little Bit Sad"

The complete script can be emailed on request together with up to 2 complete songs so that you may inspect the work before deciding to purchase.

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