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This musical play examines transport past and present. It questions the use of conserving the Earth's fossil fuels and the ways that we may travel in the future.

Having noted that our era is the age of the car, the play examines other forms of transport such as walking and biking, which both help to keep us fit. It examines forms of transport used in the past, how they started and some of their idiosyncrasies. It concludes by asking the question about transport in the future.

The play gives opportunities for children of all abilities and includes nine exciting and appealing songs that will give a wide range of information about many forms of transport. The play can be integrated into the classroom, giving possibilities for science, history and English.

The play lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

Cost:- 120 including 5 for postage, packing and insurance.

Hear a section of "The Age of the Car"

Hear a section of "Ballooning"

Hear a section of "Brindley's Brainwave"

The complete script can be emailed on request together with up to 2 complete songs so that you may inspect the work before deciding to purchase.

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