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The Tudors is a fascinating topic to teach and how better to conclude the topic than by taking part in a musical play that summaries the main features of the this era, bringing it to life for both children and parents.

The musical will give the children an experience of all of the Tudor monarchs, life in Tudor Times, the religious changes, the Mary Rose and the Spanish Armada.

The play is written in a variety of dialogue and musical styles, giving plenty of scope for solo, two part and group singing. The Tudor Times will provide the audience and participants with a powerful, moving and amusing spectacle.

The musical lasts for approximately 70 minutes.

Cost:- 120 including 5 for postage, packing and insurance.

Hear a section of "The Tudor Times"

Hear a section of "Super King"

Hear a section of "The Sinking of The Mary Rose"

The complete script can be emailed on request together with up to 2 complete songs so that you may inspect the work before deciding to purchase.

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